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Change: Resist It or Embrace It, You Decide

We’re destined to change. It’s part of our programming. From the moment we are conceived, we are shapeshifting into human form. Birth arrives and the cycle of life continues on as we grow up and grow older. With the inherent evolution of our physical being comes the natural evolution of our consciousness.

The human experience is designed for us to move through challenges that serve a higher purpose for our spirit’s growth and development. Though our spirit may know this, the nervous system is designed to perceive change as a threat.

When facing change, the nervous system may lead us to shut down, want to run away, enter a cycle of personal sabotage or try to fight against the current rather than choose the easy way through which is to breathe deeply and let go. 

In my opinion, the most powerful Buddhist teaching available to us is that we can all choose to let go and to do so, we have to remember that letting go is an act of love. To do anything other than surrender to the natural cycles of change is to commit an act of violence towards ourselves and the unique process that life is offering us as a vehicle for transformation. 

The next time change comes knocking on your door, take a step back, breathe deeply and take inventory of what you can and cannot do in the moment. 

Here are a few tips for you to stay in your center whenever a strong gust of wind comes to redirect you in the direction of your heart’s true north. 

  1. Turn towards breathwork. Some of our favorite apps are Othership, Open, Insight Timer and Headspace. 

  2. Go for a daily walk that is approximately 15-30 minutes long. 

  3. Prepare a nourishing meal for yourself. Hover your hands over your food to charge it with your personal prayer for health and prosperity. 

What do these three activities have in common? Presence! The more present you are, the easier it is to remain in the current of organic evolution that is sweeping through your life by the second. By remaining present, you’ll remain a clear channel for all the downloads you have to receive for you to step up and take action when it’s time to do your part in helping the multiverse co-create the next leg of your journey. 

Most importantly, don’t rush the process. Everything is occurring in divine timing. The more you doubt, the more confusion there will be. The more you trust, the smoother everything will flow. 

Wishing you strength as you transform through strong winds.

Signing off,


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