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You deserve to live a beautiful life and we're here to help you make it happen.


About El Farito Healing

“El Farito” is a diminutive way of saying “El Faro” which directly translates to “The Lighthouse”.


Historically, lighthouses have figuratively and literally served as beacons of hope, safety, security, comfort, and refuges for sailors to avoid danger during challenging times on open seas. 


El Farito Healing serves as a safe haven for you to connect with yourself during any point on your journey to help you establish the strength, courage, resiliency and love necessary to live and breathe the beautiful life you are co-creating with the multiverse. 

Meet The Founders

Amanda Vazquez, M.A.

I am psychospiritual therapist that is deeply passionate about working with the healing arts to help you release and rewire subconscious patterns, improve your self-knowledge and cultivate a life full of happiness, health and prosperity.  I utilize a faith-based approach that integrates ancient wisdom, relational psychology and occult mysticism to help you heal your relationship with yourself and the world around you.


My Approach

I consider myself a generalist, meaning that I am able to assist you in exploring and healing a wide range of psychospiritual problems. My work embraces the mind-body-spirit connection which means I honor the interdependency between these three realms and can work across these planes with various healing modalities. Whether it’s sorting your problems out through talking about it, leaning into the body through energetic exploration or working with ancient wisdom practices to deepen your connection to the spirit world, all I ask is for you to be open-minded and committed to honoring the healing process which is vastly unique for each person. 


I see the psychospiritual healing process as a life-long dance that you must be willing to partake in to actualize the life you are seeking to co-create with the multiverse. To go on this journey is to actively decide to change your life and I am here to support you every step of the way. 

*I am not a licensed mental health provider. This means I do not take on legal cases, carry the right to diagnose, admit anyone to a traditional western health care facility or sign off on any type of legal documentation.*

Credentials & Experience

Master of Arts

Psychology & Spirituality
Columbia University

During my time at the Spirit Mind Body Institute at Columbia, I specialized in social emotional learning, jungian psychology, spiritual awakening and mindfulness based practices.

Reiki Master Teacher

Shamanic Reiki 
Luz Duque School of Reiki

After spending many years practicing on myself and others as a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, I decided to hone in on the art of Reiki by pursuing the Master Teacher level. This practice informs the basis for my well-rounded approach to shamanic energy healing. 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

MBSR, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative
Various Schools

With over 900 hours of yoga and meditation training, it is safe to say the foundations for my understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection were established through the power of asana and mindfulness practices. 

Student of Indigenous Medicine

Healing with the natural world of plants and spiritism
Life-long journey

The path of indigenous medicine (curanderismo) is where some of my strongest roots live. I work closely with master plant teachers to gain a deeper understanding of the psychospiritual connection that is embedded into the human experience. 

Krysten Vazquez, MMS, PA-C

There is nothing I love more than helping people reclaim their power. I serve as a guide and a channel for you to regain all the tools you need to heal yourself from the inside out. I utilize a multimodal approach that integrates frequency and sound, ancient wisdom, root-cause medicine and overarching wellness to help you heal and reconnect mind, body and spirit.


My Approach

After working in the primary care sector of Western medicine for several years, I found myself feeling very limited and helpless with the impact I was having on helping people change their lives. While undergoing my own physical challenges and spiritual journey, I developed a practice of breath work and yoga to silence the mind and tune into the body. I also encountered the power of plant medicines, which completely changed my life.

I began to practice a root-cause approach to medicine, which means instead of giving someone a diagnosis with a set of pills to take for eternity, I get curious and wonder what led to the development of said diagnosis. I study the energetics of the individual's body through multiple lenses- Western medicine, functional medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurveda. From there, I begin to think of lifestyle modifications, daily practices and plant allies we can begin to work with to bring about holistic healing.


I see everything happening in the body as a fulcrum with a tipping point. When we start to experience symptoms, it is our body letting us know something is out of balance- creating a disharmony. I am under the impression that mostly everything can be brought back into balance (harmony) with willpower, consistency and dedication. With a well-balanced diet and exercise (the most important part of a healthy life) the plants can change your life, and so can YOU- you just have to believe it, too.

Credentials & Experience

Master of Medical Science

Physician Assistant Studies

Wake Forest School of Medicine

PA school allowed me to hone in on the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, disease states and the Western approaches on how to diagnose, assess and manage them.

Clinical Herbalist

Arbor Vitae School of Traditional  Herbalism

Arbor Vitae has given me an ever-growing knowledge of the energetics of plants, the healing powers they possess and a foundational framework of TCM, Western herbalism and Ayurveda.

Reiki Level 2

Dr. Bindu Babu

Reiki Master Teacher

Using the power of energetic healing on myself and others, a deep level of peace and understanding of the spiritual realm has been given to me.

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

MBSR, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative
Various Schools

I hold over 900 hours of yoga teacher training experience. These trainings have helped shape my understanding of the mind-body connection, the importance of cultivating presence and how to integrate the yogic way into our daily lives.

Student of Indigenous Medicine

Healing with the natural world of plants, especially cacao and spiritism
Life-long journey

I am committed to working with indigenous wisdom which is where I have some of my strongest foundations. My journey has led me to connect with master plant teachers to help me heal my life from the inside, out. The main lineages I work with include the Mayan Tz'utujil, primarily Nana Marina Cruz, daughter of Tata Pedro and the Shipibo-Conibo. Other notable elders include Manari Ushigua of the Ecuadorian Amazon and Sápara Nation. 


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