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We're here to help you build a beautiful life from the inside out...

At El Farito Healing we believe your mind and body need to be a refuge to come home to rather than the very thing you are running away from. We've got you covered with a wide range of virtual therapy services to help you navigate the healing process with ease and grace.

The Four Pillars of Our Therapeutic Services

The services offered at El Farito are designed to help you cultivate these four pillars of healing within your own life which are based on the notion that we are inherently spiritual beings.


Each person’s idea of what “freedom” looks like is unique to their soul blueprint. Together we can work towards getting clear on what freedom means to you and take action towards realizing the life that allows you to feel safe and secure while remaining committed to your most liberating personal truth.


Learning how to be in right-reciprocity with yourself, others and the spirit world is key to maintaining high levels of internal and external wealth. Together, we can connect with all the resources within and around you to cultivate a more harmonious, reciprocal state of being.


Self-acceptance is one of the most important themes in establishing personal freedom. Without being able to accept yourself, it can be challenging to move in the direction of actualizing your goals. Self-acceptance is cultivated over an extensive period of time and is a process that occurs by rewiring the nervous system through energetic practices.


In a world full of chaos, it can be easy to close off the heart and shut down. This is a defense mechanism that humans have wired into the nervous system to protect us from what is perceived as dangerous. Together, we can rewrite the narrative that it is unsafe to love yourself and others by working towards establishing healthy boundaries that will allow you to keep your heart open to giving and receiving love.

First-Time Clients

Please feel free to browse our services below. Please note that before booking a service, you must go through the process of a consultation call with us first.


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