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Did you know that you ARE the moon? You go through phases just like the moon! That’s right, each phase of your menstrual cycle mirrors the phases of the moon! This isn’t new information, in fact, it’s very ancient wisdom! This 5-part video course includes: - Over 60 minutes of vital information that will change the course of your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. - An introduction to what the womb is, how to connect with the womb-space, an overview of why hormonal imbalances occur, whether birth control is the right fit for you and highlights on the importance of knowing your cycles. - A deep dive into each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle from the scientific and psychospiritual perspective. - Best practices to incorporate into your diet and movement routine for each phase of your cycle. - An overview on how you are connected to the cycles of the moon and the seasons of the Earth through your menstrual cycle.

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