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Welcome to The Voice Within!

A Free 28-Day Program To Unblock Your Self-Expression!

What's Included?

Live Weekly Calls

Each week, you will meet virtually with the group to 

reflect on specific themes and  engage in guided healing practices. 

28-Days Of Journaling

You'll be supplied with  28-days worth of journal prompts to put your self-commitment to the test!  The prompts will help you unblock your self-expression to feel more connected, aligned and free to express yourself in a genuine and heart-centered way.


A community group chat will be created as an additional layer of support for you as you connect with and unblock your self-expression.

Themes Explored Include:

  • How childhood and life experiences can douse and ignite your inner-voice 

  • The womb-throat connection and how to release shame from your channel

  • The importance of self-expression and the various ways we self-express

  • Your relationship with your voice, writing and creative-life

& more!

This Program Is For You If...

  • You find it hard to communicate your feelings

  • Feel uninspired to create or show up fully in different aspects of your life

  • Want to go even deeper into understanding your unique sense of self-expression

  • Have a fear of speaking up, withdraw or shut down when what you need most is to step forward

  • Were once creative but feel lost in your creative process

  • You want to access and harness your self-expression as a tool to fuel your sense of happiness and joy in life

  • You want to let go of unhealthy coping patterns that hold you back from experiencing a deeper sense of connection in your relationship with yourself and others

  • You want to bring healing to your inner-child, unlock your inner-artist and integrate these archetypes into your daily life

Dates, Times & Pricing

The Voice Within begins on Tuesday, May 28th at 11am EST!

It is free to join the program, but donations are welcome!


1. WIll the calls be recorded?


2. How long is each call?

The calls are 60 minutes long!

3. When do we meet?

Every Tuesday at 11am EST via zoom. This is where you will integrate and connect with other members in the program!

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