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Welcome to Feminine Rising!

A virtual 3-month self-paced program designed for you to tap into the wisdom and mystery of the feminine energy to love

yourself unconditionally.

This is for you if...

  • You are interested in exploring, redefining, healing and strengthening your relationship to the feminine energy. 

  • You want to improve your relationship with your mind, body and soul. 

  • You are looking to tap into ancient wisdom practices, uncover hidden potential and harness the magic and power that comes from being born female.

  • You want to leave the struggle mindset behind and create a life woven with intention, integrity, abundance and wisdom. 

  • You want to deepen your relationship to the elements, the spirit world, and the universe. 

  • You want to heal wounds, work through subconscious patterns and process the human experience in a sacred container designed for your personal evolution.

  • You want to rebuild your spiritual foundations and belief system.

  • You want to feel empowered in your career, sex-life, and personal life.

  • You want to find the most authentic expression of yourself.

What You'll Learn...

  • How the Goddess (The Feminine Energy) was eradicated over-time and how this has affected your relationship with your body, the Earth and your capacity to listen to your intuition

  • How to form a relationship with your guides and ancestors to guide you throughout your life

  • What earth-based offerings are, how to put them together and how they’ve been used historically 

  • How to speak the language of the Universe through symbols, numbers, dreams and signs designed to guide you into deeper alignment with your soul’s desires 

  • The importance of being receptive and open at the energetic level to receive guidance and abundance in your life

  • The importance of giving yourself permission to rest and nurture yourself in the ways that suit you best 

  • The four phases of the menstrual cycle and the importance of forming a healthy relationship with your menstrual cycle 

  • What the “womb-space” is and how to tap into the wisdom that is stored in your reproductive system/sacral energy center

  • What “shadow work” is and the importance of doing it

  • How childhood and intergenerational trauma manifests in the physical body

  • How sexual experiences/trauma can cause emotional and energetic fragmentation and cause symptoms to arise in the womb space

  • How to forgive yourself and others 

  • How to create a vision for your life from an abundance mindset

  • The importance of setting boundaries and being grounded 

  • The importance of incorporating presence, play and joy in your life

What is this program all about?

I created this program because I've received the question "how did you get to where you are" far more than once. 

Initially, when I heard this question, I'd answer with all the different roads I had traveled to get to where I physically am today. One day I realized that it wasn't just the action steps I had taken to co-create this reality, it was also all the feminine principles I had tapped into and woven into my daily life that really changed the game for me. 

We live in a society that idolizes logical thinking, scientific reason and productivity above all else. Don't get me wrong, these components are obviously necessary but they aren't the only principles to formulating a life of abundance and magic. The feminine principles explored in this program are the missing links for us, as women to experience a deeper sense of harmony and ease in our lives. And for many reasons, they've been kept secret for hundreds of years. 

The good news is that we are in a time of awakening. Women are waking up from the patriarchal spell. We are recognizing that there is something more to this life and that our source of power is in our body, TOO - not just in our mind. 

This program aims to connect you with your inner-world, your personal magic and the wisdom that lives within the fabric of your being and the fabric of the Earth. 

I am so excited to be co-creating this journey with you and I cannot wait for you to receive and access the magic that is your birthright as a woman in this world. 

What's Included?

12 weeks worth of teachings based on the key principles of the feminine energy, guided meditations, shamanic journeys, reflective journal prompts, and personal development activities to help you reconnect with yourself, redefine your spirituality, and tap into your unlimited potential. 

Begin Your Journey Today!

Feminine Rising is now self-paced which means you can begin your 12-week journey right here, right now! All you have to do to begin is click the button below!


Use the code 2023 for $150 OFF at checkout!

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