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Becoming A Mother To Yourself

One of the most overlooked rites of passage in today's modern world is a woman becoming a mother to herself.

Most women have been programmed to play the role of mother to their romantic partners and are taught from a young age to dream of the day in which they too, will become mothers, yet there is absolutely no guidance on what it means to become a mother to themselves.

This has resulted in wounded girls walking around in adult bodies with very mature responsibilities while having little to no capacity to self-soothe, set boundaries, communicate effectively and respect themselves in ways that reflect their self worth.

With such little connection to the mother archetype, most women are bound to fall into codependent relationships, unhealthy coping patterns and psychosomatic illnesses.

To connect with the mother archetype is to learn how to nurture the child within by getting curious with the thoughts, feelings, behaviors and desires that arise in the mind and body on a continuous basis.

The mother archetype invites women to become expansive, stand in their power, assert themselves, make choices that reflect their self-worth and remain grounded while communicating in complex or heavily charged situations.

Here are some ways that you can connect with the mother archetype:

  1. Make your nutrition your top priority. Meeting your basic needs is part of stepping into the mother archetype. Ghosting yourself on your nutrition is one of the top ways women end up with hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, glucose problems, reduced cognitive functioning and bone density issues along the way.

  2. Take time to take care of yourself. Exfoliate your skin, make your own face mask, journal, move your body, meditate and spend time alone. By tending to your mind, body and spirit through self-care, you are able to help self-soothe your nervous system which does wonders for your psychospiritual well-being.

  3. Protect your sexual energy. Your sexual energy is your life-force energy. They are one in the same. Most women have been conditioned to give their sexual energy away very casually when in fact it's as sacred of a resource as our waters are. The more you honor your body and take measures to respect your sexual energy, the more capable you are of channeling it into your creative-life, attracting or maintaining a respectful romantic partnership and expanding your levels of abundance.

  4. Connect with the full moon. The full moon phase is associated with the mother archetype. Grandmother moon's light can be called on to activate the mother wisdom within you. This can help you become more expansive in tending to your responsibilities and taking care of the child within you in whichever ways align with your spiritual journey.

  5. Explore your value system. What are your values? What do you stand for in life? Getting clear on your values will give you a better sense of self. This will create space for you to organize yourself and take the action steps necessary to gain momentum in your life.

The next time you find yourself overwhelmed, undernourished or disconnected, lean into the mother archetype to revive your strength, move the stagnant energy in your life and wake up the primal power that's living deep within you. Signing Off,


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