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The Realities of Spiritual Awakening

When there are strong energetic shifts in the cosmos, the spiritual awakening experienced at the collective and personal level intensifies. Some might associate spiritual awakening with peace signs, rolled joints and buses full of free-spirited rebels, but in reality, spiritual awakening is the nitty-gritty process of questioning the meaning of life itself. In this process of asking the bigger questions such as “why am I here?”, “what is the meaning of the human experience?”, “how can I live a life where I am truly experiencing sustainable happiness?” along with many other existential questions, we can often come face to face with our own mortality. There’s this moment that typically occurs in the beginning of awakening when we realize that one day we will die. It’s in this moment that all preconceived notions of reality are shattered. Everything you thought you knew comes into question. Career choices, living situations, personal values, romantic partnerships, media consumption, food choices, water quality, sexuality and even the people you’ve been surrounding yourself with are all placed under the microscope with a profound curiosity that can sometimes come with intensely challenging consequences. 

Throw in a sprinkle of psychic gifts being unraveled and the Spirit world diligently knocking on your door to add you to their list of star children who has finally remembered that you’re energy condensed into a human suit carrying thousands of years of ancestral memory and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a lifetime of profound spiritual evolution or a series of trips to the psychiatric ward depending on the resources available to help you navigate the process of energetic ascension and psychospiritual upheaval that follows.

What has become more apparent than ever to me is how incredibly necessary psychology is at this point in human consciousness. Spiritual practices and teachings have globalized along with everything else at this point in our development which means we’ve got ourselves what some of my mentors have referred to as the buffet problem. The human spirit has been deprived of connection for so long that we are willing to try anything and everything that will seemingly fill the ancestral void living within us. With little knowledge of how these practices affect our psychology and physiology, some spiritual seekers can find themselves knee-deep in a psychospiritual conundrum from having consumed too much too quickly without the proper resources to integrate the often mind-blowing experiences that accompany these ancient healing modalities. 

Whether you’re dabbling with breathwork, plant-medicines, crystals, meditation, herbal remedies, yoga or any other practices, at the end of the day you are altering your consciousness. Altered states of consciousness are of course incredible ways to expand into becoming a living breathing prayer and at the same time, they are gateways into the realms of the great unconscious. The unconscious is full of mystery, possibility, and realities that challenge limited perceptions of what we humans are capable of accessing according to most western schools of thought. It’s in the unconscious realms that we come face to face with our personal pain, ancestral pain, personal strengths and ancestral strengths. They are two sides of the same coin. The more you unlock on your spiritual journey, the more you are held personally responsible for integrating the knowledge and wisdom gained from your experiences into your lived reality. 

It’s important to note that the awakening doesn’t just happen once. It happens repeatedly. Your psychology is going through a consistent process of being deconstructed and reconstructed. The stronger your spiritual experiences are, the stronger the integration process has to be. If you avoid this process, it can manifest as a psychospiritual illness later down the line. A healthy integration process can take on many shapes and forms because it takes many modalities to ground down into the physical body and reassociate into this upgraded version of yourself that you have awakened.

Some of the practices that can really help you integrate are journaling, talk-therapy, creative play such as drawing, painting, singing, and dancing, group therapy circles, and ancient modalities intended to bridge the lower chakras with the upper chakras. Of course there are more, so I must note that this list is not exhaustive. 

As the eclipse portal comes to its peak on Monday, I urge you to spend time building a heightened sense of safety and security in your nervous system by spending time in a safe place outside in nature (not on the eclipse), engaging with grounding meditations, working with grounding herbal allies (refer to this post to learn more about Lavender!), and even eating meals with a lot of red, orange and yellow colors to activate your lower chakras. There’s no such thing as loving yourself too much, so please don’t shy away from treating yourself with all the loving kindness you deserve throughout this process. 

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