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The World As We Know It Is Ending

On Saturday, January 20th, 2024 we will be entering a whole new reality. We will be experiencing "Pluto Cazimi" which means the Sun and Pluto are entering Aquarius at the same time.

Pluto will take a soft dive back into Capricorn and then remain in Aquarius for almost TWENTY years!

Pluto entering Aquarius marks the start of a new generation.

The industrial era as we know it, is over.

Gaia cannot continue to be exploited and neither can our bodies.

Most of the disease we are seeing today is a byproduct of a nation-wide systemic issue.

When the human population becomes ill, it is because our soils are depleted, waters polluted and air poisoned.

With this astrological shift, we will continue to see the systems in place turning to dust because the psychospiritual disease that has manifested in the mind, body and spirit of the people and on the lands has become TOO heavy for the Earth to carry. When there is an imbalance in nature, destruction occurs to restore harmony.

It is extremely important for those of us on the native lands of Turtle Island (politically known as The United States of America) to reconsider what the "American Dream" means to us. The old way of relating to our body, resources and the Spirit World is expired.

It's time to get innovative.

We cannot abandon technology, it's quite obvious that it is here to stay but we cannot let it consume us either.

The solution is to weave the world of modern technology with that of ancient technology.

This is the way forward and it will usher in a more harmonious state of being for our nervous system and Gaia's web of life which are one in the same.

This brings forth the invitation to create a new system for yourself.

I encourage you to start meditating on what freedom means to you.

How can you build a system for yourself that honors the cyclicality of your body and of Gaia's seasons?

What resources do you have that you can tap into to enter the stream of sacred abundance?

In what ways are you contributing to the disharmony you and the Earth are experiencing?

What can you do to ensure you're prioritizing having the highest quality food, water and air relative to what is available to you?

The answers to these questions might require small steps or giant leaps of faith. Regardless of where the answers lead you, don't forget to stay grounded and connected to your sacred center.

There's no need to be impulsive. Take all the time you need to converse with your spiritual alliances on Earth and in the Stars, plan accordingly and move in the direction of your renewed version of freedom in a sustainable way.

Signing Off,


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